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The Many Services Offered by Private Investigator Firms

Feb 4

A Private Investigator Firm offers a wide range of investigative services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Services can range from locating missing persons and conducting background checks to investigating insurance fraud and white-collar crime. To find the right PI firm for your needs, it is important to understand the different types of services offered.

For a complete rundown, Private investigators from a professional Private Investigator Firm like us here at Whitesell Investigative Services provide a wide range of investigations. Law firms frequently hire investigators to gather information on civil or criminal cases. Insurance companies often employ investigators to investigate suspicious claims. Private individuals hire investigators to find missing people, spy on spouses, and various other reasons. Most detective work is done in the field, either by conducting interviews or surveillance.

Many investigators conduct computer searches, background checks, and phone calls to gather information. Investigators are frequently asked to provide detailed reports on their findings and testify in court on their clients' behalf. If you are looking for someone or something, a private investigator can most likely assist you.

The following are some of the services that PIs provide:

Reconstruction of an Accident: Private investigators can reconstruct the scene of an accident to help determine what happened and who is at fault.

Background Checks: A background check can be used for various reasons, such as employment screening or determining whether someone is fit to become a guardian for children.

Asset Searches: Investigators can search public records to find out if someone owns property or businesses and search for hidden assets.

Locating a Missing Person: Investigators can use various techniques to find missing persons, such as conducting interviews with friends and family or checking social media sites.

Surveillance: Investigators may conduct surveillance to gather information on someone's activities, such as whether they are cheating on their spouse.

Computer Forensics: Investigators can use special software to recover deleted files or track computer usage.

Bounty Hunter: Bounty hunters are private investigators who track down fugitives and bring them back to justice.

Insurance Fraud Investigations: Investigators can look into suspicious insurance claims and determine if they are fraudulent.

White-Collar Crime Investigations: Investigators can investigate a wide range of white-collar crimes, such as embezzlement or corporate espionage.

Child Support: Investigators can help track down deadbeat parents who are not paying their child support obligations.

Process Serving: Process servers deliver legal documents to the person or business named in the document.

Corporate: Corporate investigators can help companies investigate employee misconduct, such as theft or fraud, and conduct background checks on potential employees.

Due Diligence: Investigators can conduct due diligence investigations to help businesses make informed decisions about potential business partners or investments.

Electronic Surveillance: Investigators can install hidden cameras or tracking devices to track someone's movements or conversations.

Executive Protection: Executive protection is the term used to describe security services provided to protect high-profile individuals, such as celebrities or corporate executives.

Custody Civil: Investigations into custody and civil can help determine which parent is better suited to have control of a child.

Arson / Fire: Investigators can look into the cause of a fire to determine if it was arson.

Trial Preparation: Investigators can help prepare for trial by gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.

Wrongful Death: Investigators can help determine the cause of death in a death case and can also help track down the person responsible.

Private investigators offer a wide variety of services to their clients. So if you need someone found, an asset searched, or want some peace of mind, contact a private investigator firm to see how they can help you.

Call us here at Whitesell Investigative Services. We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs and see how we can help.